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Dr. Deepthi Shanker

Assistant Professor

Dr. Deepthi Shanker is a Senior Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management at XIME, Bangalore.  Prior to joining XIME, she was Research and Publications Manager at IIM Bangalore (September 2011–December 2015). Earlier, she also served as a Senior Lecturer at IIT Guwahati (February 2005–July 2009) and as Assistant Professor at IIT Gandhinagar (August 2009–2011). Her research interests include Organizational Sociology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth & Leadership Development. She has obtained her Ph.D from ISEC, Bangalore, and was also awarded with Professor M.N. Srinivas Memorial Prize for an outstanding Ph.D thesis in Sociology. She has authored a book titled ‘Mobility among Professionals in Bangalore City’, and several national and international publications.

Journal Articles 

  • Deepthi Shanker. 2017. ‘Academic Entrepreneurship in India’, Journal of Entrepreneurship & Management, Vol 6, Issue 2, June 2017.
  • Deepthi Shanker. 2016. (Co-author with Maria Pansera) - 2016 ‘Social Construction of Innovation Narratives: Implications for Management Studies, Journal of Management & Entrepreneurship, Vol  10, Num 3, 2016, Pg 31-49. (ISSN:2229-5358)
  • Deepthi Shanker. 2008. ‘Gender Relations in IT Industries: An Indian Experience’, Gender, Technology and Development’. Vol. 12 (2), Pg: 185-207 (ISSN:0971-8524) 
  • Deepthi Shanker. 2008. ‘Towards Understanding the Concept Aspirations’, ‘Endeavour. Vol. 2(2), Pg: 121-131. (ISBN:TNENG/2007/19258)
  • Deepthi Shanker. 2008. ‘ICT and Development: Issues from the Northeast’, Development – North East’, Vol. 1(1), Pg: 31-32
  • Deepthi Shanker. 2007. “Professional Education for Children: Parental Influence, Efforts and Perception”, Emerging Trends in Development Research, Vol. 14,: Pg: 14-22. (ISBN: 0972-9445)
  • Deepthi Shanker, 2007. ‘Dynamics of Parental Involvement in Children’s Education in Urban Indian Families’, Kerala Sociologist, Vol. 35 (1), Pg: 19-28 (ISBN: 44728/88)
  • Deepthi, S. 2005. “Towards Understanding ‘Social Mobility’: Critique of the approaches’”, Emerging Trends in Development Research, Vol. 12, Pg: 60-64. (ISBN: 0972-9445)

Articles in the Edited Volumes

  • Deepthi Shanker. 2010 “IPR and Traditional Knowledge: The Indian Experience” in Nadia Asheulova et al. ed., Liberalizing Research in Science and Technology: Studies in Science Policy, St Petersburg: The Russian Academy of Sciences, Pg: 474-505. (ISBN 978-5-904031-76-3)
  • Deepthi Shanker. 2009 (Co-authored with C.K. Baba) “Empowering People through Technology: Role of ICT in Rural Development” in U.N. Roy and J.S. Saini. ed., People’s Empowerment and Sustainable Rural Development: A Technological Approach, Rawat Publications, Jaipur, Pg: 329-338. (ISBN: 81-316-012-9)
  • Deepthi Shanker. 2008 “Untapped Women’s Agency in Conflict Resolution and Peace Process” in S.D. Hazarika. ed., Peace in Dialogue: Reflections in Northeast India. Akansha Publications, New Delhi, Pg: 127-141. (ISBN: 978-81-8370-144-0).

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