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XIME has a vibrant research culture to explore and discover new practices in the field of management science. XIME Faculty has been continuously publishing in many renowned ABDC/Scopus and other international and national Journals. In the last 3 years more than 120 research papers have been published by XIME Faculty members. Faculty members have also authored several books and book chapters. They have also presented papers at several international and national conferences.

XIME has been striving to inculcate Research in its students also. Research validates learning outcomes with a greater understandings of its relevance to their careers. Research expands knowledge and understanding of the specialization outside the classroom. Research articles foster analytical skills and critical thinking through hands on learning. Faculty members are encouraged to do research projects with students. There is a credit for the students who publish their research papers in reputed journals. XIME students have published 19 research papers on their own and 46 research papers in collaboration with their faculty mentors.

Research wing is headed by Dean Research Prof. NMK Bhatta.

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