Technology Improvements during Pandemic

Technology Improvements during Pandemic

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Technology Improvements During Pandemic Times

The year 2019- 2020 was a testing time due to Covid -19 pandemic. XIME made significant changes in the process, methodology and ensured all faculty members were trained to effectively train the students.  

During the pandemic times, Zoom licenses were procured across all campuses for conducting classes.  Training to faculty members was also given which ensured smooth conduct of classes.  Training sessions for taking attendance through reporting in zoom were also enabled.  
Exams were conducted using the Mettl platform which is one of the leading test service providers for exam certifications.  Automatic Proctoring was put in place to eliminate the malpractices by alerting the proctor by tracking the eye and body movements using cameras.  The training was provided to all faculty members which ensured smooth conduct of classes.  
Faculty members used Slido, Socrative pro, and Kahoot 360 to conduct quizzes.  Slido could be integrated into PowerPoint slides to take effective case study surveys during the pandemic.  
Moodle and Google classrooms were used as effective Learning Management Software systems to collect assignments and to share presentations and case studies.  The students used google classrooms effectively for sharing resources as well.  
Game-based teaching and learning methodology training was done for faculty members This play way methodology of teaching also helps in 

1.     Increasing the Attention Span of students
2.     Incentivizes Persistence
3.     Encourages Peer Learning
4.     Fail Safe Environment
5.     Learner-Centrierent student levels)
6.     Real World Correlation
7.     Growth Mindset
8.     Instantaneous Feedback
This was a largely hands-on workshop. Each participant was oriented to different tools and techniques available with sample illustrations of how to build games and facilitate using them. The program was conducted by Mr.Kartic Vaidyanathan. Kartic Vaidyanathan (is an alumnus of IIT-Madras and IIM-Bangalore with 24 years of corporate experience (Infosys/Cognizant). He is also certified in Gamification from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a practitioner in the Play/Game- Based learning methods for the last 10 years. He has designed games for corporates in various Industry Domains like Insurance, Finance,  Marketing, HR to make knowledge transfers, trainings simplified, fun, and
engaging and has won corporate innovation recognitions. 
Now XIME uses CollPoll a Complete ERP System for conducting Quizzes and effective LMS.

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