Mission, Vision, Values & PEO'S

Mission, Vision, Values & PEO'S

XIME’s Vision

To be a globally oriented Business School that is counted among the leading Business Schools of India as well as abroad with high levels of international accreditation. The institution will forever have students at the centre of its aspirations and endeavours while manifesting wholehearted commitment to all its stakeholders. Competence, dedication and contribution to society will be the watchwords of XIME. Being staunchly devoted to excellence of quality, every unit of XIME will admit to its portals only adequate number of students so as to accomplish that objective.

XIME’s Mission

To contribute to nation building by providing a steady stream of competent, value-driven and globally oriented managers.

XIME’s Values

  •     Excellence
  •     Innovation
  •     Integrity
  •     Openness to Ideas
  •     Diversity
  •     Societal Concern

PEO Statements:

PEO1: The students will be able to take up managerial roles in business, industrial or other organizations and/or attempt entrepreneurial ventures that drive economic growth and technological innovation

PEO2: The students will accomplish all-round professional and personal development, through cultivation of analytical, problem solving and decision-making capabilities combined with soft skills

PEO3: The students will imbibe the best Corporate Governance practices and be equipped to take decisions upholding high societal values and professional ethics.

PEO4: The students will be proficient at team work as future managers with a global perspective as well as potential to achieve organizational goals while acting responsibly towards all stakeholders.

Program Outcomes

Programme Outcome Programme Outcomes of PGDM/MBA
PO1 Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems
PO2 Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making
PO3 Ability to develop Value based Leadership ability
PO4  Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business
PO5 Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment


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