Publication - Research Scholars

Publication - Research Scholars


Publications by Research Scholars

  1. Swarnadeep Maity, Mercia Selva Malar, (2021), Impact of International Stock Market Indices on the Indian Stock Market Indices during the COVID 19 Pandemic, SCMS Journal of Indian Management, Volume 18, Issue 3.
  2. Martin Joshy, Mercia Selva Malar, (2021), Impact of Dividend Announcement on the Market Price of Shares, Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship, Volume 15, Issue 2.
  3. Yash Mehrotra and N. Meena Rani, (2021), A Study on Lead Generation through Digital Platforms in Pandemic Era with Respect to Financial Services Industry, Innovations in SCM, Publishing India Group, Volume 1.
  4. Prof. N M K Bhatta, Mini Sherino, (2021), Pursuing Growth in Developing countries through Community Capacity Building – An innovative approach towards Skills development, Elementary Education Online.
  5. Dr N.Meenarani, Gurudath N, (2021), Purchase Intention of Electric Vehicles: An Empirical Study in Bangalore, Paalarch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/ Egyptology.
  6. Sindhu R. Menon, Dr Naseer Mohamed Jaffer, (2021), Dimensions of Healthcare Marketing in India, Presidency Journal of Management Thought and Research.
  7. Mini Sherino, Dr. N M K Bhatta, (2021), A renewed path for skilling in IT/ITeS sector for transition to the new normal, Psychology and Education.
  8. Divya Nair, Dr. N Meena Rani, (2021), Online Teaching By Higher Education Institutions of Emerging Nations: Issues and Implications for Educational Institutions and Policy Makers, Shodhsamhita: Journal Of Fundamental & Comparative Research.
  9. Shivani Kapoor, Dr N. Meenarani, (2021), Antecedents and consequences of brand Equity - A Conceptual model for the services sector, Academy of Strategic Management Journal.
  10. Menon Sindhu R, Dr Jaffer Naseer Mohamed, (2020), Does Size Matter in Choice of Hospitals? An Empirical Study in Kerala, RVIM Journal of Management Research.
  11. Chandan A. Chavadi, Sindhu R. Menon, Monika Sirothiya, (2020), Measuring Service Quality Perceptions of Indian E-retailers: An Evaluative Study, Metamorphosis, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.
  12. Sindhu R. Menon, Dr Naseer Mohamed Jaffer, (2020), Sustainability strategies of Small Hospitals in Kerala in times of COVID 19 Pandemic and Heightened competition, IUJ Journal of Management.
  13. Sindhu R Menon, (2020), Management & Life Lessons from Trekking the Himalayas - A Case Study, International Journal of Exclusive Management Research.
  14. Rajesh Palayil, Dr Selvam Jesiah, (2020), Experiential Learning Pedagogy-A Sustainability Model for Management Institutions in Bridging the Academia-Industry Gap, International Journal of Management.
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  16. Patanjali, Prof. Pooja Gupta, (2020), Advanced IT Systems Limited: Case of Ethics and Conflicts of Interest, Asian Journal of Management Cases.
  17. Dr Jaffer Naseer Mohamed, MehrajUd Din Bhat, (2020), Understanding Online Consumer Behaviour through Common Approaches, Parishodh Journal.
  18. Mehraj Ud Din Bhat, Prof. Naseer Mohamed Jaffer, (2020), Personal Selling and Online Media: Correlation to Consumer Technology, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology.
  19. Muralidhar Deshpande, Dr NM Bhatta, (2020), A conceptual study of the application of Machine Learning Algorithms in IT project, Shanlax International Journal of Management.
  20. Dr N Meenarani, Divya Nair, (2020), A Review of Prominent Models of Team Roles And Conceptualizing A New Model, Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews.
  21. Dr N Meenarani, Divya Nair, (2020), Affective Priming Technique in Advertising - An Empirical study regarding Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector, Academy of Marketing Studies Journal. (Scopus Indexed)
  22. Prof. N Nagasubba Reddy, Rashmi Shetty, Karthik M, (2020), Study On Interdependency Of Indian Stock Markets With NYSE and LSE, Parishodh Journal.
  23. Muralidhar Deshpande, (2020), A Study of Stakeholder Management in Information Technology Projects with work from home during Covid -19 Times, Management Dynamics.
  24. Mini Sherino, (2020), Disruption to the Skills Ecosystem of India in the Wake of the New Normal Emerging Post ‘COVID-19’, AIJR Preprints.
  25. Dr NM Jaffer, Dr P Amalanathan, Divya Nair and Imon Chakraborty, (2020), Climate Change Management-some insights from a recent debate, TEST Engineering and Management.
  26. Competencies Purushottum Bung, Rashmi Shetty, (2019),   Case II- Venture Fest – 2018: Innovative Pedagogy for Developing Managerial Job, Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship.
  27. Rashmi Shetty, (2019), Crowd Funding for the Campaigns of NGOs – An Empirical Study, Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship.
  28. Rajesh Palayil, Dr. Selvam Jesiah, (2019), Experiential Learning Pedagogy- is assisting in influential learning and transformational behavior in management students, International Journal of Innovative Practice and Applied Research.
  29. Dr NM Jaffer, Agnus Baby, Rashmi Shetty, Mehraj Bhat, (2019), Entrepreneurship Challenges in Behavioral Economics Perspectives - Some Insights, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control Systems.
  30. Chandan A. Chavadi, Sindhu R. Menon, Monika Sirothiya, (2019), Modelling the Effects of Brand Placements in Movies: An Investigative Study of Event Type and Placement Type, Vision.
  31. Dr Naseer Jaffer, Sindhu R Menon, Agnus Baby, (2019), Is the great decoupling happening in the healthcare sector in the context of 4.0?, International Journal of Advanced and Innovative Research.
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  33. Rashmi Shetty, (2018), Role of Microsocial Intrapreneurship in Attaining Sustainability Goals, Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship.

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