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"Innovation+" : In this contest, student teams will delve into the innovative world by discovering an existing innovation implemented by an organization.  We're not just stopping at discovery and reporting. In addition to showcasing your investigative prowess, every team must propose an additional innovation that holds value for the stakeholders involved. This means you'll not only unravel the secrets behind successful innovations but also contribute your unique ideas to enrich them further. It's innovation in action!  


  • Form a team of maximum 3 members
  • Identify an innovation in practice
  • Propose an additional “+” factor which enhances the innovation
  • Submit a presentation of max. 7 slides and a video of max. 3 minutes

Exciting cash prizes awaits

Winner : Rs. 50,000 /-
Runners Up: Rs. 30,000 /-
2nd Runners Up: Rs. 20,000 /-

Registration Link

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