Taal Tarang

Taal Tarang

Taal Tarang

They say "To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak". This is precisely how we look at  it. Fast, slow, thematic or non thematic, join us and let your hearts speak. Throughout three enthralling rounds, participants will have the freedom to express themselves through any style of dance, captivating the audience with their creativity, skill, and team spirit. With an online submission followed by a group performance round finally rounded up by a captivating spot round, this competition promises to be a platform for young dancers to shine, forge connections, and celebrate the universal language of dance.
Round Details:
1. Preliminary Round (Online Round)
Participants: 5-15 participants per team
Duration: 2 minutes (of their intended performance)
Submission: Online, one week prior (date and link will be shared post registration)

2. Round 1
Participants: 5-15 participants per team
Duration: 6 minutes (Including set-up time)

3. Round 2 (Spot Choreography Round)
Participants: 2 members from each team
Duration: 1 minute

Rules for the event:
• Music must be submitted in MP3 format by WhatsApp to the SPOC 24 hours prior to the event and be brought in a pen drive on the day of the event.
• There must be at least 4 members performing on stage at any given point of time.
• Participants are not allowed to reveal their college identity, failure of which will lead to immediate disqualification.
• Multiple teams from the same institution are permitted.
• Usage of props is allowed. Usage of hazardous props is strictly prohibited.
• Vulgarity of any form (dance, costume, music, props) must be avoided.
• Participants must arrive at the venue 30 minutes before time; latecomers will not be eligible to compete.
• Any decision made by the Judges will be deemed final.
• Violation of any rule will lead to disqualification of the participant/team.


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