X - Insights

X - Insights

Inaguration - ( 06 - 08 - 2022 )

XIME witnessed the inaugural event of X-Insights, the Analytics club of XIME Bangalore on 6 th August 2022. We were grateful to have with us our chief guest, Mr. Tomy Alexander.  The Dean Academics, Prof. Madhu Kumar inaugurated the event by addressing the audience with a lively speech and motivated the team to organise sessions that would make the club stand out in XIME Bangalore. The Club did showcase all the events held during the last academic year and rolled out the events which are planned for the current AY 2022-23.   

Mr. Tomy Alexander is a well-equipped person and has a deep understanding and knowledge about analytics and its usage along with IT, Tech and Non-Tech domains. He has a work experience of more than 12 years in the analytics domain and currently working with CitiusTech as a Data Science Manager.  Mr. Tomy spoke about emerging and trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and also described how data is the money-driving fuel of Industries today. He explained how interpretation and analysis of data can be done to convert it into useful insights. This would help the leaders take better decisions.  The session was insightful where we imbibed deep understanding of Analytics and its usage in the Industry.  

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