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Summer Internship Placements Update

All students of Batch 24 completed their internship at the end of June 2018 in a variety of organizations such as VMWare, Centrum, Dell, Team Lease, KPMG, HDFC bank etc. For eight weeks, our students worked on projects designed to give them exposure to real problems in unfamiliar settings. They have been able to get first-hand experience of organizational culture, teamwork, problem solving with incomplete information and responsibilities.

Some Experience Sharing

Name: Poulomi Das

Company: Centrum

Project Title: Recommending sales enhancement strategies for Centrum Real Estate Management & Advisory

Students Comments regarding the Experience:

The objective of this project was to recommend sales enhancement strategies on the basis of comparative analysis and competition benchmarking for various projects undertaken by Centrum Real Estate Management and Advisory. Data was collected on the following 3 aspects of the Industry – Prospects’ decision-making factors for buying a property, customer experience and the sales process. These were compared to the best in the Industry and recommendations were based taking into account the resources of Centrum. I suggested that Centrum must implement feedback forms to capture the reviews of prospects visiting the site and use of social media analytics to capture the reviews online and provide customers the ability to share. Also, they should use Influencer marketing as a low cost means for marketing. In-house training programs in selling skills for sales representatives to upgrade to the best practices of the top ranked developers. Considering the limited resources of the firm, focus should be on a local marketing strategy. Centrum should also consider the decision-making factors that prospects give importance to while buying a property. They should choose projects on the basis of the suggested decision-making factors. Some of the above recommendations have already been implemented and some are under consideration by the Centrum Management for implementation in the current year.

Name: P Shravani

Company: Dell Technologies

Project Title - Attracting, Hiring & Retaining Diverse Talent at Dell Technologies

PPO offered (Yes/No): Yes

Students Comments regarding the Experience:

The extent to which managers recognize diversity and its potential advantages and disadvantages define an organization’s approach to managing the diversity. An exposure to this sensitive yet interesting assignment at Dell propelled me to drive a change and contribute my best through this internship towards increasing opportunities for competent Diversity candidates and propose initiatives to make Dell much more inclusive and sensitive to the needs of these Diversity employees. In a nutshell, it has unveiled the role of Human Resources in its true sense, working in close liaison with the employees and the business. I am immensely grateful to XIME for providing me with this opportunity which will forever be cherished as a memorable learning experience.

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