COVID Scholarship 2021

COVID Scholarship Guidelines

The pandemic – COVID 19 has caused unprecedented turmoil in society. Many families have lost their breadwinners affecting their livelihoods besides adversely impacting the pursuit of the studies of the children of such families. The threat of the second wave of COVID 19 is looming large triggering further uncertainties.

XIME recognizes the concerns and anxieties of meritorious students who wish to pursue promising management careers but are unable to do so on account of the financial conditions resulting from the demise of the principal earning member of the family succumbing to COVID 19. Therefore, XIME offers an exclusive scholarship to students who have lost the sole earning member of the family resulting in indigent circumstances.

The following terms will govern the sanction of the said scholarship.

  1. The COVID scholarship covers 50% of the Tuition fee, which is equal to Rs.5.5 Lakhs (XIME Bangalore) and Rs. 4 Lakhs (XIME Kochi & XIME Chennai) in two years.
  2. A student who lost the sole breadwinner of the immediate family on account of COVID 19 is only eligible for the scholarship. (Note: The immediate member of the family is either the father or mother or sibling)
  3. The student shall produce the death certificate of the member of the immediate family due to COVID 19 and hospital/treatment records for the said ailment.
  4. The total family income should be less than Rs. 8 lakhs per annum.
  5. This scholarship is valid for sessions 2021-2023 only.
  6. The recipient of this scholarship is not eligible for any other Scholarship/concession from the Institute during the PGDM programme.
  7. XIME reserves the right to make suitable changes in the terms and conditions of the grant of the scholarship at any time at its discretion.
  8. A student receiving this scholarship must maintain the prescribed standards of academic progress. The release of the scholarship for the second year shall thus be subject to the student securing the requisite CGPA to be promoted to the second year. Failure to maintain academic progress will result in the stoppage of the scholarship.
  9. The scholarship is awarded through an application process and on an evaluation by the Scholarship Committee.

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