Distinguished Speakers

Mr. B. Muthuraman, Former Vice-Chairman, TATA Steel

Having served as the leader of one of the few companies with the highest humanitarian values, Mr. Muthuraman talked about the “Oneness of the society”. Referring to Mr. Kofi Annan’s UN Summit speech of 2002, he educated the students on the formation of Global Reporting Initiative which came into picture to highlight organizations’ responsibility towards the society and environment. He also quoted examples from his tenure with TATA Steel wherein at multiple instances, the company and it’s Chairman Mr. Ratan Tata always put the nation and it’s people before profits

Mr. Anil Valluri, Senior Director, Google India

Focused his talk on the importance of decision making for leaders and the long run impact of the same. He advised students on making career choices based on interest and personal strengths more than anything else.

Mr. Deepak Padaki, Executive VP, Infosys

Talked about both the sides of the coin – Geo political crisis, catastrophic climatic changes as well as rise in entrepreneurship, new technology adoption. Two important points he stressed upon were strong customer centricity and innovation at a furious pace and the power of continuous disruption.

Mr. Kamal Bali, President Volvo India

Talked about the excellent opportunities to build India for the new world, at this point of time. Gave an update on Volvo’s proactive measures and plans to sustain/grow business amidst the ongoing global pandemic.

Mr. Krishnakumar Natarajan, Founder Member, Mindtree

Shared the key lessons he learnt in his entrepreneurial journey in co-founding Mindtree, highlighting both ups and downs. These lessons created a lot of interest amongst students, aspiring to become entrepreneurs, in future.

Mr. Stephen Sudhakar, Senior VP and Head HR Hyundai

Spoke about the business best practices at Hyundai and how students can get ‘industry ready’, by developing the right set of skills and attitude. Shared several examples from his own professional life, in effectively managing the specific challenges.


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