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2-day workshop on Publishing Research in High Quality International Journals

23 March 2018

Individuals who take up research as a career are often found to have little or no knowledge on what research is. After graduation, they apply for Ph.D/research position and if successful join the course and get to know what research is, with the passage of time. Research involves choosing a particular research topic, collecting bibliography from various sources, planning and working on new research problems. It also involves publishing, dissemination of results in conferences and workshops, writing reports, thesis etc. A researcher gets to know all/even few of those only when he/she is in that particular stage of research. It is essential to have an excellent understanding of all the key stages right at the beginning to have a successful research career, which is the very main objective of this course on "Publishing Research in High Quality International Journals". The workshop is planned in Theory-Practice session mode You will be taken through each stage of this process during this two day course, imparting advice and best guidelines to pursue research.                                                                                                                                              



The Evolving HR: Promises and Challenges

The Evolving HR: Promises and Challenges

The Evolving HR: Promises and Challenges

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