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PGDMs under NEP -Imagining Creative Alternatives

15 December 2021


The Conference: The Conference is convened to coincide with the Annual Meeting of the Karnataka Association of Autonomous Business Schools (KAABS). An important subject for consideration at the Conference is how PGDM institutions should adapt themselves to the new NEP. Of vital significance to PGDM Institutions are the following:

1. There will no more be ‘stand-alone’ institutions. Even IITs have to change.

2. Nor will there be sectional or sectoral universities – only multi-disciplinary universities.

3. All stand-alone Institutions must convert themselves into:

i) Multidisciplinary Universities. The Report elaborates on what a “MultiDisciplinary University” is: University, worldwide, means a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning that offers undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programmes, and engages in high-quality teaching and research. The present complex nomenclature of HEIs in the country such as ‘deemed to be university’, ‘affiliating university’, ‘affiliating technical university’, ‘unitary university’ shall be replaced simply by ‘university’ on fulfilling the criteria as per norms.

4. The other options to a PGDM Institution are:

i) Become part of a multi-disciplinary university as an integral part of the same.

ii) Work towards achieving the status of an ‘Autonomous Degree Granting College’, or

iii) Become part of a cluster of Institutions. The Characteristics of this category are not elaborated

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