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HR Seminar

16 July 2022


Programme Objective 

• The biggest assets for any company are its people. The success of companies are crucially dependent on their talented employees. The greatest challenge faced by the companies in the current world is the pandemic that hit the world in 2019-20. 

• Clearly for their own survival many or most organisations had to allow a virtual or hybrid mode of operation. The pandemic threw up the new challenge of mass exodus ranging from 17.5 to 35%. Suddenly life changed for the HR professional. It is clear that these are unprecedented times, there is an overall feeling of apprehension in the employees and in the management of the companies alike.

 • As we finally, begin to come out of this uncertainty, let us not forget the lessons learnt. More importantly, let us all share our experiences, listen to the experts and debate over real issues challenging us in the new post-pandemic era.

Introduction Session:

Prof. J. Philip, Chairman - XIME Bangalore gave the introductory remarks.


Session topics: 

• The continuing war for Talent: Ms. Sangeetha Gera, Head, Talent management and L&D; Societe Generale Global Solution centre, Bangalore

• The new challenge of Big Exodus: Mr. Gokul Santhanam, Senior VP & BU HR Head, Mphasis, Chennai

• The way we battled the Covid days and emerged victorious: Mr. Nanjappa B.S. 

• Engagement of knowledge workers: Look beyond compensation. Mr. Ranjan Matthew, HR Director,Viola Communications, Dubai

• The Promise of Technology in HR: Mr. S.L. Narasimhan, Senior Managing Director – Head of Global Talent acquisition, State Street Corporation, Singapore

A Panel Discussion on our new Learning in HR: 


Dr. Girish, 


1. Mr. Sailesh Menezes, Senior Director and Head of Human Resource, HP Enterprise, Bangalore 

2. Ms. Hema Mani, Regional Director HR, Lennox India Technology Centre, Chennai

3. Ms. Usha Chirayil, Director- Human Resources at Reflections Info Systems, Bengaluru, Karnataka




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