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Winter Student Exchange program at GDUFS, China

31 January 2018

The Winter Study Programme held at MBA Education Center, School of Business, Guangdong
University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS), China from 1st to 18th January 2018 was indeed an enriching experience. The 40 member group from XIME Bangalore and Kochi were guided through the workings of Chinese business in the classroom learning sessions and its culture through various other activities. The classroom sessions gave the students a deep insight to the success of most Chinese businesses and its correlation with their general lifestyle practices. They were also introduced to how and why the Chinese intended to focus on the so-called smaller markets like Africa and Latin America. The trip also included visits to industries like the MegaCap Group, Guangdong Eagle Gifts Co. Ltd and Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Group Co Ltd. The visits to Guangzhou Museum, Shamian Island and Baiyun Mountain added to the new experiences. The students also visited the metropolitan cities of Shanghai and Beijing.



The Evolving HR: Promises and Challenges

The Evolving HR: Promises and Challenges

The Evolving HR: Promises and Challenges

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