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Winter Student Exchange program at Audencia Business School, France

01 February 2018

The Winter Session of the Graduate Management Courses in Audencia Business School is a student exchange program between Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore, India and the Audencia Business School, Nantes, France. 40 students from XIME were part of this 10-day program, consisting of class room training, activities, field trips, industrial visits and institutional visits. Students from various institutions all over the world were invited for the program, such as the George Washington University, California University and the ESAN University, Peru. This enabled a wide range of intercultural interaction, which was like an icing on the cake. 

The program’s overall theme revolved around the topic of ‘European Productivity’. It included interactive class room sessions inside the Audencia Business School, Nantes campus and industrial visit to Cointreau Distillery. The choice of subjects available to the students encompassed the fields of microeconomics.

The students also had the opportunity of visiting Europe’s three apex political bodies on their visit to Brussels namely the European Parliament, European Commission and European Council and learned about the history, the current workings and most importantly, the future of the European Union. They also visited the National Bank of Belgium which gave them insight about the financial system and issues related to EU finances.

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