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Maria Philip Future Leaders Debate Competition 2023

27 February 2024

Maria Philip Future Leaders Debate Competition 2023



"The art of Communication is the language of leadership" - James Humes


XIME has always been dedicated to the development of future leaders, assisting them in honing and refining their oratory skills and transforming them into resilient, self-assured individuals.


Maria Philip was the inspiration behind her father's founding of XIME. As an eloquent orator and leader, she wanted to create an egalitarian society in which everyone could express themselves, as well as a platform for leaders. For more than three decades, XIME has held the Maria Philip Future Leaders Debate Competition for graduate students in South India in her loving memory.


XIME believes that by holding the competition, students will be able to express themselves clearly and confidently, allowing the leader in them to shine!





  1. Participation is only by invitation. There is no registration fee.

  2. Each team will have two members, out of which at least one MUST be a girl. 

  3. One speaker will speak for the motion (4 minutes) and the other will speak against the motion (4 minutes). There will be a warning bell after 3.5 minutes.

  4. There will not be any cross-rebuttal rounds.

  5. There will be negative markings for exceeding the 4 minutes time limit. 

  6. Teams should not wear their college uniforms/blazers, indicating the name of the institute or mentioning the name of their institution during the competition.

  7. Participants must bring their College ID cards for participation.

  8. The Qualifier Level Round will be held in the respective region.

  9.  The Maria Philip Future Leaders Debate Competition State Level (Karnataka & Telangana in respective states) and the South India Level (The Grand Finale) will be held at XIME, Bangalore. The physical presence of the participants is essential. 

  10. No travel reimbursements for participants in the Regional Qualifier Round.

  11. New topics will be given for State Level Round & South India Level Round.

  12. If there are fewer colleges, then that region qualifier will be clubbed with another region.




Regional Qualifier 




Colleges in and around Mysore

9th December 2023



Colleges in and around Mangalore


Colleges in Bangalore

Dhaward Colleges in and around Dhaward 15th December 2023
Hyderabad Colleges in and around Hyderabad 2nd December 2023
Warangal Colleges in and around Warangal 9th December 2023




State Level (Karnataka & Telangana)

1st week of January 2024

South India Level (The Grand Finale)

1st week of February 2024




Prizes Category 

Regional Qualifier Level

State Level

South India Level


Rs. 6,000/- for the Winning Team in each Region

Rs. 25,000/- for the Team

Rs. 60,000/- for the Team 



Rs. 15,000/- for the Team 

Rs. 25,000/- for the Team




Rs. 25,000/-


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