Industry Interface

XIME encourages its faculty and students to interact with industry in all possible ways with the spirit of deriving mutual benefit. Being a top rated B-School, the institute caters to the students the most practical and application oriented inputs through various measures that keeps XIME in touch with the prominent industries across the country. The major interfaces are:

  • Distinguished Lecture series receiving the top level executives of Indian and Multinational Industries at regular interval.
  • Summer Internship Programme that exposes our students to practices of industries.
  • Management Development Programmes for executives of Corporate Houses, NGOs and HEI.
  • Industrial Visits periodically to get a closer look of how management concepts are put into practice and how operation takes place.
  • Professional consultancy by the faculty to Industries.
  • MoUs between the Institute and Industries to work together on learning and applications.
  • Workshops, Conferences, Symposia with Joint Participation of Industries and Media
  • Visiting faculty members from Industries


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