Club Activities

XIME is a student-centric institute. The campus is always alive with excitement. Enthusiasm fills the air as students experience the joy of learning. From Director, Dean, professors, academic counselor to campus staff, all aim to help students discover their true potential. At XIME, each student is special and learns to be successful. XIME attempts to stimulate students and to help them with the necessary intellectual resources to become productive managers who can confidently face future corporate challenges.



The finance club of XIME, FINITIATIVE, is a student driven initiative that collaborates both with corporate institution from the financial sector as well as the academia, to provide a valuable platform for students to improve their quantitative and analytical abilities. Some of the popular activities conducted by the club include virtual stock trading, workshops to obtain a greater understanding of financial concepts, organising talks by eminent individuals from established organisations and generally testing one’s intelligence by playing with numbers.



Touching Hearts, Transforming People Every year, HRUDAY, the HR Student Club organizes biz-fest like competitions and events, along with interactions with distinguished HR professionals. This continuous out-of-class learning aims to take students closer to the real world. The club has, over the years, continued to bring many learning experiences to students. HRUDAY has always encouraged students to be a part of its activities and contribute towards its development through their intellect and creative abilities.



Ideate, Innovate, Create Three words that will be etched into the minds of every XIME student, thanks to the efforts of MARKXIME, the Marketing club of the institute. To MARK XIME, marketing is a battle of wits and the ability to execute creative ideas. MARK XIME has continually demonstrated to the students that the ones who dare to test themselves and their imagination always win. MARKXIME is fierce but ensures that it always adds the joy to winning!



The X-OPS club has been open for the benefit of those interested in knowing about the nitty gritty of Production & Operations at XIME. It aims to get students involved with the Operations group and to create an awareness among them about the importance of Operations in each and every aspect of day-to-day Business.



X-SEED is the social club of XIME which undertakes numerous social activities and helps in adding value to the society. The students through x-seed have organized walkathons, blood donation camps, school adoption project, Fundraising for NGOs, Tutoring Children of Under privileged, Donation for the Blind, Village Adoption project and other social events.



Empressario is one of the very vibrant clubs of XIME which focuses on entrepreneurial initiatives in the campus. This club organizes activities which involve students and potential entrepreneurs.



The X-Oration club is the perfect platform to conquer stage fright. With various activities and events from extempore to Just-a-Minute, our students are exposed to the stage ever so often, making it possible for them to shape up as effective speakers.



The Rotaract club of XIME is one of the active clubs which organizes a lot of fun activities drawing on the cultural diversity at our campus. A highly energetic club which is closely associated with the Rotaract Club of Bangalore, it also organizes activities fostering managerial drive and talent.

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