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  1. Dr Deepthi (2018). Article entitled Look What Trump is trampling on Indian. Deccan Herald, April 2018.
  2. Dr. Sangeetha (2018). Article entitled The Adverse Effect of Negative Emotional Contagion on Work-performance. NIPM/Kerala Chapter Annual Issue.
  3. Dr. Selvam Jesiah (2018). Article entitled AICTE/UGC Wakeup; There is a new World Out. Deccan Herald, Sep 2018.
  4. Dr Mathew J Manimala (2018). A case study Organisational Behaviour Perspectives from the New-Gen Workplace. SAGE Publishers.



  1. Dr. Selvam Jesiah (2017). Article entitled Human Resource Practices in the Disruptive Business World. NIPM-NATCON (National conference, 15-16 September 2017).
  2. Dr. Arul Senthil Kumar and Ms. Punitha Arul (2017). A case study “Finger Licking Food for Thought: Journey of an Entrepreneur”. 11th ISDSI International conference which was held from 27th to 30th December 2017.

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