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  • No more Overtime Payment - Dr. Nellaiappan
  • IT Resources Management-ABC Automobiles: The CIO’s Dilemma-Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Jet Airways—stuck in the middle or broad differentiator -Prof. S. Suryanarayanan
  • Toys and Smiles- a startup business idea -Prof. S. Suryanarayanan
  • Strategy in Action - Sehatswad Masalas- Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Strategy Formulation - Dosa Wars-MTR in New Delhi Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Central Data Science Laboratory – A case on Design Thinking Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Aside Batteries-Managing Performance of New Employee- Prof. Ramesh Ranjan
  • Grand Realty Pvt Ltd-Measuring Training Effectiveness -Kavitha Nair


  • Rashmi Shettey & Anitha D'Silva (2019) Women Social Entrepreneurship: Challenges & Motivation _ A case Study on Green BUGS Ajanta ISSN 2277-5730


  • Contextual Leadership Vs Content Leadership: The TATA Saga-  Prof A Anantharaman & Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Making Madhepur Relevant- Prof R Sridhar
  • HR Challenge: At Crossroads -Prof R Sridhar
  • Dismissal of Employees on Disciplinary Ground: Go Ahead or Reverse-Prof M Nellaiappan
  • Case Study On Talent Management Fraschung India Limited-Prof Ramesh Ranjan
  • A Case Study on Leadership: Balaji Electricals- Prof Ramesh Ranjan
  • Gender Salary inequities at ABC India -Prof Ramesh Ranjan
  • Agile Release Planning Case Study - Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Can Analytics Model help JSD Inc. improve their Inventory Turns Ratio- Prof Rajendra Desai
  • Risk Analysis and Decision Making - Indian Aerospace Laboratories- Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Analyzing Financial Health of a Growing Company –Ms. Purnima Gupta
  • Fledgling Inc.: FinTech Lending and Working Capital -Francis Kuriakose
  • Sustainable growth of a chemical company- Prof S Suryanarayanan
  • ABC Bearings - Strategic Leadership- Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Change Management Decision – A Case Study- Prof Ashwath Narayana Shastry
  • VILFRESH – milk as MILK, revitalizing rural economy in emerging market-an Indian Case -Prof S. Suryanarayanan
  • Atticus Realty: Creating Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy- Francis Kuriakose
  • Value of Business or Business of Values Thanjavur Consultancy Corporation ---Prof.NMK Bhatta
  • Ethical Dilemma -Ms.Tina Roshni Mathew
  • Creating Knowledge Culture at Workplace – A case study Prof. Ashwath Narayana Shastry
  • Employee Engagement in Tough Times- Ms. Tina Roshni Mathew
  • Dr Deepthi (2018). Article entitled Look What Trump is trampling on Indian. Deccan Herald, April 2018.
  • Dr. Sangeetha (2018). Article entitled The Adverse Effect of Negative Emotional Contagion on Work-performance. NIPM/Kerala Chapter Annual Issue.
  • Dr. Selvam Jesiah (2018). Article entitled AICTE/UGC Wakeup; There is a new World Out. Deccan Herald, Sep 2018.
  • Dr Mathew J Manimala (2018). A case study Organisational Behaviour Perspectives from the New-Gen Workplace. SAGE Publishers.
  • Compendium of Teaching Cases. Volume 2 (2018-2020) got published.


  • Decision Dilemma of the Hospital Director- Prof. J Philip
  • No Light at the End of the Tunnel -Prof. J Philip
  • Unification of Personnel Units-IR implications in a Power Utility- Prof. M Nellaiappan
  • Stakeholder Analysis M&T Limited -Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • JSD Inc. – Inventory Management or an Accounting Problem   - Prof. Rajendra Desai and Prof. Suresh Herur
  • Digitization of Banking System in India: Opportunities and Challenges – An Indian Case Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Experiences of moving to Agile ILUSS Consultancy Services ILUSS Consultancy Services: Experiences of moving to Agile Prof.NMK Bhatta
  • Program Management Challenges - Prof. Ashwathanarayana Shastry
  • State Bank of India: Expanding Footprints for Rural Outreach1- Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • The revival of Orchid Pharma - Prof. Suryanarayanan
  • Case Study of a Sustainable Model of a Social Enterprise - Prof. Suryanarayanan
  • Ethical Dilemma Thanjavur Consultancy Corporation- Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • ZEST Motors Passenger Car -Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Agile Release Planning M/s Doodle Ltd- Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Nestle Maggie on a comeback trail -Ms. Poornima Thampi
  • Project Management Case Study Talwani Aerospace Ltd: Defence Manufacture Project - Prof. NMK Bhatta
  • Dr. Selvam Jesiah (2017). The article entitled Human Resource Practices in the Disruptive Business World. NIPM-NATCON (National conference, 15-16 September 2017).
  • Dr. Arul Senthil Kumar and Ms. Punitha Arul (2017). A case study “Finger Licking Food for Thought: Journey of an Entrepreneur”. 11th ISDSI International conference which was held from 27th to 30th December 2017.
  • Compendium of Teaching Cases. Volume 1 (2017-18) got published.

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