Distinguished Speaker Series


Dr. Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi

The students of Batch 22 were addressed by Dr. Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi, former Principal Adviser to the Director General of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Vienna, Austria. Currently he is the Chairman of Experience Foundation and Principal Adviser to Knowledge Management Associates, Vienna, Austria. On 18th August, 2017., he spoke about the role of innovation brought about by the new industrial revolution which transformed the traditional agrarian society to an industrial one. Countries like Singapore have launched the national integrated innovation system. They grew through research and development, intensive foreign direct investment and domestic capacity building. Also, innovation in specific industries has brought forth dynamic sources of growth. He also pointed out that digitalization has enabled the shift from mass production to production by mass. Amidst all these, the industrial revolution has increased the pollution levels at an alarming rate. He concluded that our focus should be on sustainable innovative strategies.


Ms. Joysy John

The students of Batch 22 and 23 were addressed by Ms. Joysy John, a computer engineering alumnus of NTU, Singapore and a gold medallist from the London School of Business on 18th August, 2017. She spoke about the current trends shaping careers in the 21st century. She stressed on the importance of building a career according to our skill. It is important to adapt to the technological, social and cultural change. In this new era of automation, people don’t stick on to their jobs anymore. It is important for youngsters to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set to survive stiff competition in the industry. She advocated her passion for entrepreneurship and urged the students to carefully choose their career.


Mr. Krish Shankar

Mr. Krish Shankar, Global Head of HR of Infosys addressed the student body on the 22nd August 2017. He is an industry stalwart, having previously worked with prestigious firms like, Philips, Airtel and Unilever in senior management positions

He started his talk by addressing the students on, ‘VUCA’ which lead to an interactive session with the students. With a barrage of questions from them on various topics related to HR, and his work experience. He had a calm demeanour and tactfully answered all the questions, much to the delight of the audience. This was followed up by a talk about the career opportunities for future managers, and their role in developing upcoming businesses.

It was a privilege to have the Global Head of HR of India’s No. 2 IT firm in the campus.  Both the students, and the faculty getting key insights about the current and future trends in the Industry.


Mr. Anurag Agarwal

Mr. Anurag Agarwal, Managing Director and CEO of Natural Remedies visited XIME on 24th August, 2017. Addressing the students, he spoke on ‘Entrepreneurship’ and his journey in building Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd – a start-up manufacturing herbal medicines for Animals. Mr. Anurag spoke about how he started this venture 33 years ago in Bangalore and faced hurdles where veterinary doctors were reluctant to try out the new products and funding dried up. Natural Remedies then changed the packaging, designed a meaningful company logo, generated brand awareness and succeeded due to their simplicity, honesty and transparency, the survival tactics as described by Mr. Agarwal. The company now has 11 patents and a turnover of 250 crores. It now competes with major pharmaceutical players like Zydus Animal Health, GlaxoSmithKline, Sarabhai Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Novartis India Ltd.

He advised the students that “Life is much more than success” and “Simplicity, Honesty and Trustworthiness are the survival tactics in this competitive world”. It was followed by an interactive session where Natural Remedies logo and its meaning was unveiled.


Mr. John Joseph

Mr. John Joseph, Former Senior VP, Petroleum Marketing - Reliance Industries (RIL) addressed the students of XIME on 1st August 2017. Mr. John is also a Board Member of XIME and spoke about his 45 years of experience at organisations like Swastik, Bharat Petroleum and Reliance. He revealed the importance of deep rooted ethical values, Risk taking attitude and Humility and encouraged the students not to shy away from committing mistakes, rather learn from the mistakes and ensure they are never repeated. Mr. John finally gave 10 pieces of valuable advice to the audience to make the best use of their time at XIME and achieve all round development in Career as well as in Life.


Mr. Gopakumar K A

X-Ops, the operations club of XIME organised a guest lecture on 1st September, 2017. The speaker for the session was Mr. Gopakumar K A, Manager, Planning at BMW and an alumnus of XIME. He pointed out the application of lean management and the value-added production system of BMW. He spoke about different types of waste under lean management termed as Muda, Mura and Muri. It is important for companies to strike a trade-off between quality, cost and time to achieve a competitive advantage. He concluded that the value of a product or service is created by the manufacturer or service provider and it is defined by the customer. It was indeed an insightful session for the students.


Mr. Prabhash Nirbhav

HRuday-the HR Club of XIME invited Mr. Prabhash Nirbhay, Managing Director of Flip Carbon Integrated Solution Pvt Ltd to address the students on “Employer Branding” conducted on 7th September 2017. Mr. Prabhash spoke about how in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, attracting and retaining the right kind of talent is central to a company’s ability to grow. A strong employer brand can be a powerful business tool that can connect an organisation’s values, people strategy and HR policies to the corporate brand and help in attracting the right kind of talent for the organisation. Mr. Nirbhay explained Branding from the HR perspective and went on to suggest methods and techniques to enhance the value proposition of the organisation before the potential candidates while recruiting. He also suggested ways on how companies can differentiate themselves from competitors in the market and create and retain a good corporate image.


Mr. Gopal Hari

Mr. Gopal Hari, Former TVS GM-HR, delivered a lecture on “Industrial Relations in the companies of the 21st century”. The two-hour interactive session on the 20th July 2017 was very informative wherein he shared his experiences pertaining to ethics of his job role. This gave the students a boost to follow the right things at the right time without having any bias and making sure industrial peace is maintained. The session ended with retreating the famous quote “change the change before the change changes you.”


Mr. Vishwanath Kumar G

Dr. Vishwanath Kumar’s lecture on the 14th Aug 2017 revolved around the problems faced by the Operations Manager in an organization. The two-hour interactive session was very informative wherein he shared his experiences tackling three major problems: Routing, Resources and Location. He made the students understand that the main duty of the Operations Manager is to balance Supply and Demand in an organization.

Dr. Jabamalai Vinanchiarachi

On the 19th  - 20th  of August 2017, the guest speaker Dr. Jabamalai Vinanchiarachi, Former Principal Advisor UNIDO was extended a cordial welcome by the XIME Chennai family, and the pre-lunch session was a motivational lecture wherein students drew insights from his personal life.

The post-lunch session was on the topic “New Industrial Development”. The following day’s session was on Demonetization in India.


Ms. Joysy John

Ms. Joysy John, an alumnus of London Business School, was the guest speaker on Entrepreneurship and Leadership on 21st August 2017. Students gave her a warm welcome. The first session was on Leadership, and it aimed at developing the qualities of leadership in students, with examples drawn from her own life experiences. The second session was delivered with an intent to inculcate a culture of Entrepreneurship at XIME.


Mr. L. Selvam George

A session was conducted for batch 5 (XIME Kochi) with Mr. L. Selvam George, Founder of 5E Serpraise and former HR Head of 3M. He spoke about Transformation for a management career. The session was interactive and fun filled. The speaker conducted activities featuring the topic itself like ‘Launching pad’, ‘Corporate jungle’ and ‘Happiness or success?’ Three groups of students enacted the three phases of corporate life. The activities were interesting and knowledgeable. He talked about P (production) and PC (production capability) as mentioned by Stephen Covey in the book, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. He also brainstormed the students to think on how to balance P/PC and how PC is more important and also made them to differentiate hard work and smart work and prove how smart work is effective. He asked the students to utilize the opportunities for their 2 years at XIME through ASK i.e. Attitude, Skill and Knowledge. He concluded saying, ‘Identify and make a hero of yourself’.



Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Dean and Professor, University of Washington Bothell School of Business, USA addressed the entire student community of XIME on the value addition expected from young graduates by companies while recruiting them. He asked the students to compare the cost to the company with the value addition to be brought in by the new recruit. He emphasized the need to bring in new ideas to the organization.


Mr. Aroon Raman, ‎Managing Director at Telos Investments & Technologies visited XIME on 20th January 2017 and addressed students on innovation in technology. Being a renowned author and a Wharton graduate, Mr. Raman's address was with full of energy and he gave powerful message to the young crowd on the need to be innovative.


Mr. Pamkaj Dubey, CEO of Eicher Polaris Pvt Ltd addressed the students on 19th  January 2017. He narrated the interesting story of creating a new industry rather than a new company by establishing Polaris in India where market didn't exist for tough terrain vehicles. In addition students were motivated by the second part of his lecture which was on 'dreamer doer' and Mr. Pankaj's own personal story of making it to the top.


Mr. Anand Pillai

On 28th October 2016 Mr. Anand Pillai, Managing Director of “Leadership Matters Inc.” visited XIME to address the HR and Operations students. As a guru in design thinking and leadership training, Anand has held several senior positions in companies including Reliance Industries and HCL Technologies and is also a popular TEDX speaker. In his address, Mr. Pillai spoke about digitalization and the role of data analytics as a disruptive technology. He then spoke about the latest HR trends and the growing interdependence between Human Resources and data analytics and how it can together trigger a paradigm shift in the direction that HR is expected to take.


Dr. Joseph Shields

Dr. Joseph Shields, Managing Partner at Leadership Matters Inc. visited XIME on 8th  November 2016 for an interesting session on the topic Design thinking. He briefed the students about the deductive and the abductive approaches to problem solving. He asked the students to connect yesterday’s experiences with tomorrow’s possibilities to today for design thinking. Five Stages of design thinking as he defined are: Empathize, Define, Idea, Prototype and test.


Mr. K R Mohan

Mr. K. R. Mohan, Head-Finance, Eduequity Career Technologies Private Limited addressed XIME students on 7th November 2016. The topic of discussion for the day was “Accessing the Capital marker”. Mr. K. R Mohan stressed on the details of Capital Markets, its types, and different ways of investment and the benefits in return.


Mr. Nirmal Bharadwaj

Empresario, the entrepreneurship club organized a session on Startups in India. The guest speaker was Mr. Nirmal Bharadwaj , CEO of Bangaluru Angels. He gave the facts of current conditions of how startups are boosting the economy and how India’s future is going to be. He also talked on how he faced challenges during his early days. He also gave tips to students as to what an entrepreneur should remember while starting a new business.


Mr. Ritendra Banerjee

Mr. Ritendra Banerjee, Alumnus XIME Bangalore, currently the Co-Founder & CEO at SALT (School of Applied Learning in Testing, with presence in India, Israel, Switzerland, UK and Rest of the World), Mentor for Small and Medium Enterprises at CNBC, honored member of the Stanford Who’s Who Black Book, and also Author of ‘I am losing signal’, addressed the students at XIME Kochi. His views on globalization and “going Global” was the theme of the talk.


Mr.Raji Koshy

Mr. Raji Koshy, MD and Country General Manager for Alent India Pvt Ltd interacted with the students of XIME Kochi on the academia –industry interface and gave his thoughts on how to shape themselves to be market ready. 

Mr. Mathew John

Mr. Mathew John, Managing Partner at Invictus Capital, who has had a long and distinguished career in the field of banking and finance, gave the students an overview about Project and Infrastructure Financing and the effect of factors like political climate and geographical location on these Banking & Finance Sector.

Mr. Sriram S R

Mr. Sriram S R - Head - Human Capital at D. E. Shaw India Software Private Limited was the Guest Speaker on 9th October 2015. With the placement season round the corner, he threw some light on how things change when students step out from B-schools and arrive at a corporate organization.

Mr. Gokul Santhanam

Mr.Gokul Santhanam, Senior Vice President HR Head-Global Delivery & Corporate Support at Mphasis and an alumnus of XIME Bangalore(1997 batch) visited the XIME Bangalore Campus on 10th August 2015 to address the HR students on the topic- ‘Practical Misconceptions of HR’.Mr. Gokul Santhanam

Mr. Vinay Patil

A session was organized on ‘ERP’ for the operation specialization students of XIME on 30th September 2015. The key resource person was Mr. Vinay Patil, Founder and CEO of Shrushti Software Systems.

Mr. Saurabh Sharma

Mr. Saurabh Sharma addressed students of Batch 20 on 1st August 2015. Mr. Sharma who has been associated with Organisations such as Google and mCheck, currently heads The Product Management at QwikCliver, a Bangalore based start-up. He elaborated on Product Management with specific focus on ‘Launching and managing mobile product apps”. The detailed and industry specific insights provided by him truly enhanced the understanding of students about product mmanagement.

Mr. Satish Kumar

A lecture was delivered by Mr Satish Kumar, Strategic Project Leader, Haworth Services India Ltd, on the Evolution of offices and the trends at workplace on 11th September 2015. The lecture, organized by MarkXime, the marketing club of XIME, provided opportunity to the students to spend quality time with the subject matter expert.

Mr. Anik Saha

On 5th September 2015 MARKXIME, the marketing club of XIME organized a session on Product Marketing by Mr. Anik Saha, an IIM B alumnus, Director, Sales and Strategy, Ilantus Technologies. The speech gave insights on Business Canvas Model and product marketing in general.

Dr. Prof.Doug Thomson

Dr. Prof. Doug Thomson, RMIT University Australia conducted a session on “Unveiling E-commerce” on 6th August 2015 and was organized by MARKXIME, XIME’s marketing club. The session left the floor open for discussions ranging from a comparative study on e-commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning and on the scope and opportunities in E-Reverse Auction. Event was followed by the honouring ceremony of the new office bearers of the MARKXIME Club.