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Editorial Board


Editor-in-Chief     Editors     Associate Editor

Prof. J. Philip
Chairman, XIME Bangalore, India
(Former Director, IIM Bangalore, India)
Email: chairmanblr@xime.org


Prof. C. P. Ravindranathan
Honorary Professor
XIME Bangalore, India

Prof. A. Anantharaman
Professor-XIME, Bangalore, India
Email: ananth@xime.org


Dr. Chetan Chithre
Assistant Professor
XIME Bangalore, India
Email: chetan@xime.org


Executive Editor            

Dr. Selvam Jesiah
XIME Bangalore, India
Email: deanacademic@xime.org
Members of the Editorial Board            

Mr. George Bickerstaffe
Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU),
London, UK



Prof. Abad Ahmad
Chair Professor-Rafi Ahmad Kidwai
Centre for Management Studies,
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


Dr. Ian Fenwick
Sasin Graduate Institute of Business
Administration, Bangkok, Thailand


Dr. N. C. B. Nath
Chairman, Foundation to Aid Industrial
Recovery (FAIR), New Delhi, India


Dr. S. L. Rao
Former Chairman, Institute for
Social and Economic Change (ISEC),
Bangalore, India


Dr. Al Rosenbloom
Professor of Marketing,
Dominican University, Illinois, USA



Dr. Vinod Tewari
Former Director, National Institute of
Urban Affairs, New Delhi, India




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Electronics City, Phase-II,
Hosur Road, Bangalore 560 100, India
Tel: 080-28528597/98 Fax: 080-2852 8733
Website: http://xime.org/jme-home
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