Dr. Mercia Selva Malar

Associate Professor, XIME Bangalore


Economics & Finance

Brief Profile

Dr. Mercia Selva Malar has 28 years and 6 Months of teaching experience at higher education level. She has taught at various colleges and business schools like, CMS College of Science and Commerce, SCMS-COCHIN, LEAD College of Management, ECMIT (Dubai) and Wollongong University (Dubai). She earned her doctoral degree in Commerce from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University based on the thesis titled, ‘Foreign exchange exposure and risk management in the hotel industry’. She has been part of the international research team on ‘Microfinance – Gender perspectives’ funded by DFID-DelPHE. She has authored three books. She has published in national and international journals. She is a PRIME Graduate of JCI University. She received the NFP Scholarship of Netherlands Government and completed her Diploma in Housing and Urban Development specializing in FDI and City Financing, from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. She is the recipient of the Jagadish Gandhi Silver Medal for General Proficiency of ISSR, Runner-up Outstanding New Jaycee of JCI-India, Distinguished Educator and Scholar Award of NFED.

Area of Expertise

  • Accounting and Finance, Business Ethics

Research Interest

Impact Investment, ESG Funds, Micro Finance, Ethics, Sustainability, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Autonomy in Education for Sustainable Development: February 2019, University News
  • Industry 4.0: Impact on retail industry, IJCS, March 2019

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Case Published:

  • XSEED: Distribution Centre Operations during the Kerala Floods, May 2020. Co-authored with Dr. Joshin John & Dr. Neetha J. Eapen.. Ivey Case No. W20372-PDF-ENG
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