2-day workshop on Publishing Research in High Quality International Journals


Individuals who take up research as a career are often found to have little or no knowledge on what research is. After graduation, they apply for Ph.D/research position and if successful join the course and get to know what research is, with the passage of time. Research involves choosing a particular research topic, collecting bibliography from various sources, planning and working on new research problems. It also involves publishing, dissemination of results in conferences and workshops, writing reports, thesis etc. A researcher gets to know all/even few of those only when he/she is in that particular stage of research. It is essential to have an excellent understanding of all the key stages right at the beginning to have a successful research career, which is the very main objective of this course on "Publishing Research in High Quality International Journals". The workshop is planned in Theory-Practice session mode You will be taken through each stage of this process during this two day course, imparting advice and best guidelines to pursue research.                                                                                                                                              

2-day workshop on Trading in a Stock Exchange 2nd and 3rd March 2018 XIME Bangalore


The fast changes in the securities markets make it a challenging task to learn and remain updated on the latest concepts and practices. XIME Bangalore is pleased to launch a 2-day workshop on ‘Trading in a Stock Exchange’ which packs in practical knowledge, skills and a host of applications in the field of securities markets, to help make you a successful investor/Trader. The program is designed to impart concepts, skills and the ability to apply them to various situations in the securities markets.                                           

International Healthcare Conference




An International Conference
“Best Practices in Healthcare Management”
8 - 9 March 2018
XIME, Electronics City, Bangalore

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