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Make in India is decidedly the most significant transformational drive that India has undertaken since the launch of the economic reforms in 1991. Now in its fifth year and its ambition and focus centered on twenty-five sectors of the economy where the country has revealed its potential competitiveness, the Make in India mission is designed to give a powerful impetus to India’s onward advance to the status of a five trillion economy in the medium term and ten trillion economy in the long term. Its underlying purpose is that manufacturing industry must provide the thrust for the hastened economic growth in the coming years, filling the gap that exists today as evidenced by the insufficient share of industry in the economy.

Conference Co Chair

Prof. J. Philip

Chairman, XIME,

Former Director, IIM Bangalore

B. Muthuram

Former Vice Chairman & MD, Tata Steel Ltd.


XIME Campus, Electronics City Phase-II, Bangalore

10-11 | january 2020

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