International Tour

Batch 17 enamored by the International Experience

XIME has brought meaning to the adage "The whole world's a village" by initiating the International Study Tour which is experienced by every student at the end of the first year. The students of Batch 17 visited different countries in Asia in this respect.

While one group proceeded to China and Hong Kong, the other group visited Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Revelation, excitement and a great learning experience was the USP of the international tour for the students of 17th batch of PGDM at XIME. The trip offered a unique and memorable experience for the students.

A total of 120 students visited Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand (MST). They got a chance to visit prominent universities which included the University of Kuala Lampur and Monash University in Malaysia. The students visited the School of Management Studies under these Universities and the visits enabled the students to get a first hand feel of management education in foreign soil. The students were given a formal orientation by the University staff and faculty and were taken around the campus. Following this, presentations were conducted by the Dean and Head of Human Relations for the School of Management Studies from both the universities. They briefed about the various courses offered by the Universities and the pedagogy followed in these schools of study. The tour also included visits to various industries and factories such as the World's largest Gem Factory in Thailand, Tin Factory and Palm Oil factory in Malaysia, palm oil production being the largest industry in Malaysia.

The group to China and Hong Kong comprised of 60 students. The group visited several landmarks such as The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, Beijing. The students also visited two prestigious universities, namely, University of Beijing and Tongji University, Shanghai. Industry visits included a visit to IDEX Corporation, an Illinois based manufacturing firm engaged in fluidic systems and specially engineered products, and Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation, a state owned iron and steel company headquartered in Shanghai. The industry visits exposed the students to new technologies, provided an understanding of the supply chain network in these countries and several other management practices that have evolved over the years.

In addition to the visits to universities and industries is the fact that students were exposed to different culture, tradition, way of doing business, governance and most importantly interaction with the local population. It was a first visit abroad for most of them and according to the students the experience of a lifetime began with the flight to the international destination itself.