Happiness Workshop

A one day workshop was designed exclusively for women leaders seeking their personal happiness. Every woman aspires for happiness but only a few reach there with their career, current relationship or overall with life. Emotive dimensions affect their personal, social and professional lives with many experiencing a variety of negative emotions in the day-to-day life. The workshop facilitated the participants to explore their happiness quotient, what happiness means to them and what efforts they have to take to reach to that stage. Two programmes in this theme were organized recently. A self –discovery programme was conducted in-house titled ‘Happiness Workshop for Women Executives’ on 16 January 2017. Another programme under the same theme was conducted for women leaders of Allianz, Trivandrum on 9 March 2017. The second programme was designed as an organization based programme titled ‘Introspection for Personal Development: A workshop for Women Managers in Allianz’.

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